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Track Lighting

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Shopping for Track Lights - How to Buy Track Lighting

Modern track lighting is an excellent choice for ceiling lighting as it provides a flexible and accessible light source. Track lighting can be used in a number of different rooms throughout the home. Depending on where you install modern track lighting, this type of light fixture can provide ambient, accent or task lighting in a space.

Our assortment of modern track lighting systems are sleek, stylish and provide an outstanding light source throughout your space. The best part of these contemporary track lighting system is that the lamps are easily adjustable.

Where to Put Track Lighting

Sleek rails and directional heads, make modern track lighting highly configurable as well and this type of light fixture can be placed in a number of areas. Contemporary kitchen lighting often features track lighting, and it is also widely used in hallways, living rooms, and closets. Modern track lighting in a U-shaped track looks great in kitchens or over an island too. Running a single straight track through a hallway is an easy way to accomplish a subtle, contemporary look. For living rooms, be sure to install the track roughly 20 inches from the walls for optimal beam spread as this will help evenly light up the space and provide adequate illumination.

Track lighting, however, is not meant to stand alone. To properly light a room, make sure to include other types of light sources as well. Consider adding a modern chandelier or pendant light along with a designer table and floor lamp, or decorative wall sconces for a layered look.

If you have a dark and lonely closet, track lighting is a reasonable option, and you will be able to view your clothes sufficiently and without glare. While you think about the space you would like your track lighting, also consider what type of light bulb would be best for you system. Generally, halogen lamps or PAR lamps are a suitable choice and work well in most cases. If accent lighting is what you need, we suggest MR16’s or a low voltage halogen but remember that it will require a transformer.

Track lighting is perfect for redecorating a room, and works best in homes that have existing electrical boxes – it makes bringing new life to older homes much easier. Browse our wide selection of track systems and see where your creativity takes you.