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Pendant Lights

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Decorating with Pendant Lighting

Adaptable, enlivening and versatile, pendant lights are a great alternative to traditional chandeliers. Pendant lighting not only illuminates a space, but it also provides a distinct look. Hanging pendant lights come in an array of sizes, shapes and styles, which makes this home lighting fixture a versatile, customizable and configurable option for brightening up all areas of your home.

How to Use Pendant Lights 

Pendant lighting provides a focused downlight, which makes it the perfect lighting solution when you need task lighting. Available in a variety of styles, pendant lights can be hung singularly or in set where the lights can work together to light up a larger space like a kitchen islands, pool tables or home bar areas. Pendant lights come in many different looks too, so it's best to determine the style you're going for when shopping for a pendant light.