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Modern Chandeliers

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How to Shop for Mid Century Modern Chandeliers

Sleek, stylish and often the statement piece of a space, mid-century and modern chandeliers provide a focal point like none other. Chandeliers are a timeless lighting source, and the shape, style and finish of the light fixture sets the tone while also anchoring the entire room's theme. For example, if you are looking for an opulent way to showcase the entryway or foyer of your home, a large silver modern chandelier  can give the space an industrial or farmhouse feel, while an oversized chandelier with crystals reflects a more glam and opulent tone. No matter the style of your home, determining the style of mcm modern chandelier you want for your space is a good starting point when it comes to shopping for updated home lighting. 

When it comes to shopping for a mid-century or farmhouse chandelier, perhaps the most important consideration is the size and shape of the fixture you need for the space. If you're looking for an understated accessory to light up your walk in closet, a smaller modern chandelier is the right light fixture choice. Large spaces benefit from grander and larger modern chandeliers, but no matter what size chandelier you think you need, the amount of light needed to illuminate the space should be the paramount, driving consideration to determining this home lighting choice for after all, nothing says interior design fail like not using the proper amount of lighting.

Well Then, What Size Chandelier Do You Need?

To achieve a balanced look, selecting the proper size chandelier or hanging light is crucial and figuring out how to calculate proper chandelier size is easy if you know the "Golden Rule" of Lighting Design formula.

Known as the industry standard for lighting design, new construction and interior design professionals, the "Golden Rule" of lighting design is when the object or space to be lighted is in proportion to the fixture. 

Modern farmhouse and mcm chandeliers come in a number of styles and finishes and with clean lines and sleek finishes, and finding the perfect light fixture is a matter of determining the style you're want and the size you need for the space.

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