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Recessed Lighting

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Where to Use Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting is perfect for achieving a number of lighting effects in a number of spaces. Light up different rooms, add functional light to your living room, dining room or kitchen or add directional downlighting in specific areas like a wet bar, craft area or game room. The good news is that you can stick recessed lighting pretty much anywhere, it is a sleek and minimal look for your home. However, there are quite a few things to consider.

How to Shop for Recessed Lights - A Guide to Buying Recessed Lighting

1. Consider the Housing Type - Recessed lights are contained within a mounted holder called the housing. There are two types of housing, one is new construction housing, which is used during new construction or remodels where you can easily gain access to the ceiling. The second type of recessed housing is known as remodel housing. This type of recessed light housing is required when the ceiling is already finished and there is limited access to ceiling joists.

2. Once you've determined what application you need to install recessed lighting, the next detail to pinpoint is whether or not the fixture is IC rated (insulation contact) or not. This is important because recessed lights get hot and you want to make sure heat is properly dissipated. IC-rated fixture means the fixture will be in contact with insulation. If the fixture is NOT IC-rated then the fixture can only be used if it is not in contact with insulation.

3. Trim type and size - The final piece of recessed lighting is determining what size trim you will need. Along with countless sizes, there are a lot of styles of trim for recessed can lighting, ranging from adjustable to lensed.

Recessed lighting is non-intrusive, aesthetically pleasing, and it compliments a number of interior design and home decor schemes. Browse our wide selection of modern designer recessed lighting. Our selection of recessed lights and accessories has everything needed to complete your light installation.