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Alico Floor Lamps

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Selecting Best Alico Floor Lamp for Your Space

If you're looking for a simple decorative touch that brightens your room an Alico Floor Lamp can handle much of your needs. When used alongside other lighting options, it can also help you achieve a layered lighting effect in a room. Make sure you also consider the size of the room, including your ceiling height, you can easily filter our selection of floor lamps by size.

Design Like a Professional - Size and Style are key when Selecting your Alico Floor Lamp

Alico offers Floor Lamps in a number of styles like art deco and industrial with a wide range of shade types, including lightbar and spotlight. Be sure to check out the top-selling Bilico and Twist families of Alico products. Choosing different products from the same product family can create a consistent aesthetic throughout your home. A conveniently placed decorative floor lamp can quickly brighten up your living room or home office. If you are having trouble lighting up a specific area in your living room or bedroom, arched floor lamps help light up hard-to-reach places. Consider multi-functional floor reading lamps that come with a task light half-way up the neck, which can be used independently as an additional reading light. The Home Lighting Shop™ offers a range of affordable designer floor lamps come that come in a variety of styles and materials. If you need help about any decorative Adesso floor lamps, call us at 855-204-8480 and our lighting professionals will help you find the perfect floor lamp for your space.

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