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Harco Loor Floor Lamps

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Modern Meteor Harco Loor Floor Lamps

If you're looking for a simple, decorative touch to brighten your room, a hand-crafted, designer floor lamp from Harco Loor can handle those needs. When used alongside other interior lighting options, a designer modern floor lamp in a sleek metal finish can help you achieve a layered lighting effect within a room. Decorative floor lamps can provide both task lighting and ambient lighting at the same time. When selecting the right size floor lamp for the space, consider whether you need it to fill a decorative aesthetic and select a floor lamp that is scale to the size of the room.

Size and Style are key when selecting your Harco Loor Floor Lamp

Design like a professional - Harco Loor offers Floor Lamps in a number of styles like animal, nature and art deco with a wide range of shade types, including multi light shade and other unique shades. Be sure to check out the top selling Bubbles, Papillon, Tiara and Riddle families of Harco Loor designer light fixtures. Selecting different products from the same style family can create a consistent look throughout your home.

A conveniently placed Harco Loor decorative floor lamp by can quickly brighten up your living room or home office. If you are having trouble lighting up a specific area in your living room or bedroom, modern floor lamps help light up hard-to-reach places. Consider multi-functional floor reading lamps when you need both general lighting and task lighting from the same fixture. No matter where you want to put a decorative modern floor lamp, Harco Loor offers a selection of hand-crafted, artisan-qualty lamps that will add panache and designer elegance to your space.